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Welcome to Visa Online

    • It's where you'll discover comprehensive information about Visa payment solutions

      • Scan easy-to-understand descriptions of Visa payment solutions
      • Browse timely updates on products, systems and more
      • Download implementation guides, program guidelines and technical documents

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    • It's easy access to powerful interactive tools to help you manage your business

      • Track your portfolio's performance
      • Better understand market segments, trends and opportunities
      • Help manage processing, dispute resolution and security
      • Get training and educational resources including workshops, webinars and reference materials

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    • It's exploring best practices and tapping into valuable expertise to help grow your business

      • Peruse Visa's proven marketing programs and ready-to-use promotional materials
      • Download artwork, templates and design guidelines to create your own campaigns
      • Read market research and best practices to help you better understand customer segments and behaviors

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    • It's filled with information to help you improve sales and build customer loyalty

      • Learn about payment solutions that meet the specific needs of market segments
      • View details about offering cardholders distinctive benefits such as mobile services, bill payment, automatic card replacement and many others
      • Differentiate your offerings through high-quality enhancements such as emergency services, identity theft restoration, travel services and more

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    • It's running your business with effective and efficient tools

      • Find tools for filing quarterly operating certificates
      • Gain easy access to comprehensive testing tools
      • Understand process for resolving disputed transactions and exception items

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    • It's information to help you manage risk and protect against fraud and default

      • Monitor transactions, report issues and initiate recovery for account data compromises
      • Receive alerts on potentially compromised accounts
      • Help you develop strategically sound risk-management policies and strategies—then test and fine-tune them online
      • Discover new risk management tools and services

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  • Who Should Use Visa Online?

    It's for financial institutions, payment product processors and others doing business with Visa

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    • It's for those who need descriptions and implementation tools for Visa's payment products to help grow their business

      • Get information for driving acquisition, product development and marketing
      • Find materials to help you increase activation and usage of payment solutions
      • Read best practices to help enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty
      • Research ideas to help you penetrate new segments and capitalize on emerging opportunities

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    • It's for those who are looking for secure and reliable processing solutions

      • Offer tools to help you better manage systems and operational challenges including dispute resolution
      • Access to documentation to help ensure compliance with Visa operating/technical regulations
      • Discover ideas and best practices to help reduce chargebacks and enhance profitability by limiting exposure

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    • It's for other Visa business associates too

      • Co-brand partners and corporations offering purchasing cards
      • ATM and POS vendors
      • Law enforcement agencies
      • Marketing agencies

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  • How Do You Enroll in Visa Online?

    It's easy and only takes 5 minutes

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    • It's a simple three-step process

      • Enter your business contact information
      • Provide information about your job
      • Subscribe to services

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